A Message from the 2024–25 PHIMA President

I could not be more excited to finally start my year as the President of PHIMA for 2024-2025! I appreciate your trust in me as I begin to serve my term as your incoming President. I thank the previous Board and Committees, and especially your Past President, Lauren Blough, and Executive Director, Linda McLinden, for their guidance and training over this past year. I thank them for their service and their commitment to moving PHIMA forward by leaning into progress.

This year’s theme is Ignite our Evolution. Over the course of the year, we will focus on trying new things, being innovative and creative, and challenging the status quo. As our industry shifts, there is a need for us to gain a deeper understanding of informatics, analytics, and new technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. The PHIMA Board will focus on providing timely, quality education to our membership around these topics. We will offer different opportunities to participate in networking and education this year. In addition, the Board hopes to engage more of our members, including our tenured members and new members in the industry, students, and faculty.

I am ready to dive in with our Executive Director, elected Board, and committed volunteers who will serve and stay open to feedback and fresh ideas. We will evolve together and remain leaders in this industry. Thank you again for believing in me to lead this wonderful organization. I look forward to hearing from you and serving you this year!

Lauren Gess