Tara Simonic

As the landscape of healthcare rapidly evolves, there’s no time to be content with the status quo. At Intellis, we know the territory. We provide a full suite of HIM, Revenue Cycle, CDI, and HIT solutions that help healthcare organizations nationwide streamline and simplify their end-to-end HIM workflow. Led by our unparalleled team of experts, our IQ Suite optimizes financial performance, drives quality patient care, increases productivity, improves compliance, and simplifies processes. At the heart of all we do is our culture and commitment centered on education and training. Our team’s experts and industry-leading methodologies share knowledge to bring clarity to the complex and provide actionable insight. We address the daily details with a forward-looking eye on the industry’s horizon. Our approach elevates the business of healthcare – all day, every day – guiding decision-making and delivering timely results for today’s wins and tomorrow’s success. Discover one powerful partner who delivers the people, technology, and expertise to optimize revenue cycle and data integrity.

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