CEU - 1.0 Data Structure, Content and Information Governance Track 1

Empowering Patients with Online ROI Requests: Learnings from Penn State and Beyond

August 25, 2020 8:30 am - 9:30 am

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Jeff Seidl
Nicole Shunk

Jeff Seidl, Swellbox and Nicole Shunk, RHIT, Penn State University Health Services | Patient access to medical records is a hallmark of modern health care. However, many health systems still require patients to print, fax, scan, or mail their ROI forms in order to request records. In addition to being a hassle for patients, these processes also lead to unnecessary follow-ups by HIM staff. In 2018, Swellbox collaborated with X4 Health to digitize AHIMA’s model right of access form. The result was the Record Request Wizard, a plugin that launches from health system websites and enables patients to submit their photo ID directly from their webcam. After its unveiling at the 2018 Biden Cancer Summit, the Request Wizard earned the endorsement of AHIMA, policymakers, health plans, and providers.