AHIMA CSA Leadership Recap

PHIMA leaders participated in AHIMA’s Virtual CSA Leadership Symposium on July 15-16, 2021. AHIMA President-Elect, Tim Keough, opened the symposium discussing resilience and rebuilding together which was the theme of the symposium. He talked about change in this environment today and the overall program and how to use the new platform.

Session Summaries:


Resilience Through Innovation – Strategy Update

This session was led by AHIMA’s CEO and President and reviewed the last year of resilience the entire industry had to persevere through. Transformation was a big point to this session and how we are going to move forward to reimagine and renew our future. This really began 3 years ago at AHIMA when we were declining, but the pandemic has set a different tone. Resilience, resolve, and courageous leading.

  • Broaden how we use the term health information; it’s still HIM, but health information is about the bigger picture
  • AHIMA currently working on groundwork to support a new direction to meet the challenges ahead – more information on this to come
  • Pandemic allowed for AHIMA to accelerate our innovation cycle and share it with the industry
  • AHIMA finances improved during the pandemic, weathered the storm and came out strong.
    • AHIMA hasn’t been in the black since 2015 – working to get there
    • Revenue decreased 15%, expenses decreased 20%
  • Strategy 1: Advance and advocate for the creation and use of trusted information across the evolving care continuum including the global market through advocacy
    • AHIMA Advocacy Wins 2021
      • Patient ID Now Coalition – AHIMA founding member – bring attention to critical patient misidentification; review policy statements at ahima.org
      • Launch of AHIMA mHealth Resource Assessment Tool
      • Thought leadership efforts through print and podcasts (HI Pitch)
      • New format coming to build policies and procedures initiative
  • Strategy 2: Equip professionals and student to meet current and future health industry needs
    • New resources and tools out on AHIMA website
    • New collaborations – globally and nationwide
    • AHIMA joined G20 Health and Development Partnership
    • AHIMA Access – new social media platform (replaced Engage) – 60K current members, more than who was enrolled in Engage
  • Strategy 3: Drive Strategic transformation and renewed growth as a great partner and place to work
    • Modernize infrastructure, operations and institute strengthen best practices
    • Industry collaborations:
      • DHealth – produce developed by AHIMA and Moxe to help navigate application adoption and the Information Blocking Rule
      • 3M – explore how technology can improve CDI
    • Professional Brand Builder launch
    • AHIMA Foundation – leadership series in honor of Mark Dietz
    • Where does AHIMA want to be? Consumer-Centric – closer to the consumer to increase AHIMA’s value
      • Speed
      • Connection to consumer needs
      • Proximity to consumer
      • Moral authority and courage
      • Expertise
    • AHIMA Naming Pledge and Competition
      • Implement standardize data entry processes.
      • Signed by 1300 members
      • July 21 – August 20: submit stories of initiatives, challenges, and resolutions related to patient identity
        • Top 5 will make a video

AHIMA Advocacy Priorities & Building Health Information Champions

  • 2021 – 2000+ actions taken by members, 25+ letters sent to Federal government, 7 policy statements released (Telehealth, Affordability, HC Reform, Health Equity).
    • Coming Soon: Consumer Engagement, Value-Based Care, Data Quality, Behavioral Health, Data Integrity, Interoperability
  • Congressional activities
    • Patient ID Now – section 510 removed bill from the House
      • “Framework for a National Strategy on Patient Identity” – Framework and strategy tool created to help improve patient identity
    • HIPAA Proposed Rule – changing current HIPAA rule
    • ONC US Core for Data Interoperability (USCDI) Draft, version 2 – in preparation for Information Blocking Rule
    • OMB Request for Information on Health Equity
    • ONC Health Interoperability Outcomes 2030
  • Coding Policy Activities – comments to proposed changes for ICD-10 code modifications, code proposals, and adoption date
    • Adequate funding and resources for implementation needed
  • Social Determinants white paper released
  • ONC/AHIMA Companion Guide – support technical specifications to improve patient matching
  • Working with EHRA and AMIA to define EHI as defined in the Cures Act

Brand Builder: Creating Your Professional Brand

Topics covered included:

  • What is a professional brand and why is it important?
  • What your brand can do for the larger profession
  • The process used to build a professional brand
  • How to create a brand statement
  • Increasing your brand through work visibility
  • LinkedIn tips

Financial Management

Topics covered included:

  • Role of the Treasurer in your organization
  • Maintaining good financial standing
  • Difference between 501C6 and 501C3
  • Best practices for following generally accepted accounting principles, financial policies and internal controls
  • What your brand can do for the larger profession
  • The process used to build a professional brand

Reimagining the AHIMA Foundation

  • Reviewed history of the Foundation from the 1960’s to present day
  • New strategic framework and vision for the future approved in 2020
    • “Health information is a force for greater good.”
  • New Executive Director – Anissa
  • AHIMA International
  • AHIMA has always supported the Foundation and helped to cover losses
  • 2021 priorities working to achieve multi-year strategy and vision impact
  • Need for health literacy – find, understand, and use information to make decisions
  • Students – Health Literacy Essay Competition – Kicking off soon
    • Seeking innovative approaches to addressing health literacy
    • $5000 to winning entry
    • Members can volunteer as an essay reviewer
  • Scholarship programs continue

Importance of Diversity in Your Volunteer Leadership

  • FAIR – Foresight, Agility, Influence, Resilience
  • Board diversity isn’t where it should be – slow progress
    • They don’t reflect their communities
  • Women and minorities are making successful gains – women more than minorities
  • Diversity provides representation from different perspectives and unique characteristics
  • Understand what diversity means to you and your board, identify any gaps, make the commitment, execute. Don’t forget about succession and always check that what you’re doing is working.