PHIMA Gift Card Drawing

PHIMA e-Alert 9/14/14

In an effort to encourage PHIMA members to write letters to their Senators and Representatives opposing any further delay in ICD-10 implementation, PHIMA will be drawing names for $25 gift cards. The Advocacy Assistant on AHIMA’s website will make this action quick and easy to do. Go to to write your letters.

There will be two drawings for each region based on the e-mail date. The first period is now through October 31, 2014. The second period is November 1 through December 2014.

You must forward your e-mail response from your Senator and/or Representative to When sending your e-mail, please include the following in the subject line: your name and regional association (WPHIMA, CPHIMA, SePHIMA, LVHIMA, NePHIMA).

Any questions should be directed to Trula Gross, Legislative/Advocacy Committee Chair ( or Beth Chernoff, Advocacy Chair (

ICD-10 Grassroots Advocacy

Submitted by: Beth Ellen Chernoff, PHIMA State Advocacy Coordinator
PHIMA e-Alert 9/5/14

The 2014-15 Grassroots Advocacy Campaign is underway, with the aim of ensuring a firm ICD-10 implementation date of October 1, 2015. Every PHIMA member is being asked to write to their US Representative, and both US Senators, during this election period. The Advocacy Assistant on AHIMA’s website will make this action quick and easy to do. Some of you will find writing to your elected officials so rewarding and empowering that you will want to take the Grassroots campaign to the next level – scheduling meetings and conference calls with your Members of Congress (MOC). Here again, AHIMA has an abundance of resources to keep you informed and help you every step of the way.

When you sign on to AHIMA’s Engage site and access the ICD-10 Grassroots Folder, you will find a listing of webinars that you can listen to at your convenience, as well as the accompanying PowerPoint slides in PDF format. You will learn procedures for scheduling and preparing for meetings, and how to use social media to publicize your Congressional visit. If you would like to become involved in Advocacy, and visiting or teleconferencing with your MOC, please speak to your regional Advocacy contact person.

CPHIMA – Lauren Houseal
LVPHIMA – Mary Beth McFadden
NEPHIMA – Jane Ryan
SePHIMA – Beth Chernoff
WPHIMA – Kim Black

Your voice is needed – and valued – as we move forward to ensure no further delay in ICD – 10 adoption! And don’t forget to register and attend your region’s opening meeting in September where you will learn more about the 2014-15 Grassroots Advocacy Campaign. We would like to see PHIMA send more letters than any other state!


Advocacy and Social Media

Submitted by: Beth Ellen Chernoff , State Advocacy Coordinator
PHIMA e-Alert 8-29-14

In last week’s e-alert, we asked every PHIMA member to participate in a letter writing campaign to our senators and representatives regarding a firm ICD-10 implementation date of October 1, 2015. In addition to letter writing, members can engage in social media to take advocacy to another level. Social media can make advocates out of Facebook friends and Twitter followers, and it can enlighten officials and members of Congress (MOCs) about our issues. MOCs understand the power of social media in getting their message to constituents. We can use social media to convey our message to them.

Get started by finding your MOC’s official Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages. Like their Facebook page, follow your MOC on Twitter, and subscribe to receive alerts to new YouTube videos. Use hashtags #AHIMA, #PHIMA, and #ICD10Matters. Visit your MOC’s official website, and subscribe to the MOC’s e-newsletter: it’s free, and you will learn a lot about what’s going on in your area.

Then share your thoughts with your colleagues on AHIMA’s and PHIMA’s websites. You can access Facebook and Twitter directly from each site’s home page: and Again, use hashtags #AHIMA, #PHIMA, and #ICD10Matters.

Take a tip from the longest serving congressman, 88-year old John Dingell from Michigan. He writes on his home page: “Social Media is revolutionizing the way we communicate, so join the conversation about our country’s future, and make your voice heard!

Advocacy Action

PHIMA e-Alert 8-22-14

During the AHIMA Leadership Symposium in July, AHIMA CEO Lynne Thomas Gordon, MBA, RHIA, CAE, FAHIMA, FACHE, announced the kick-off of the ICD-10 Grassroots Advocacy Initiative. This campaign’s purpose is to ensure a firm ICD-10 implementation date of October 1, 2015.

The first phase is a letter writing campaign to our elected officials, and we are aiming for 100% participation from our PHIMA membership. All PHIMA members are asked to write to their US Representative, and both US Senators, during this election period using the AHIMA Advocacy Assistant website.

This link to the AHIMA Advocacy Assistant website page: will make it quick and easy for you to send your letters to Congress. There are three action items for you to act upon: two deal with ICD-10, and one has to do with RAC audits. A template will guide you, and by simply inputting your “zip code plus four,” your letters will automatically be sent to your specific Congressmen. You are encouraged to personalize your letters, and briefly explain how the postponement of ICD-10 has affected your worksite, your career, your education, etc.

It should take no more than 15 minutes to complete all three action items. You will feel empowered that your voice is being heard, plus you will be contributing to PHIMA’s goal of 100% participation. EVERY PHIMA MEMBER IS BEING ASKED TO COMPLETE ALL THREE ACTION ITEMS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, BUT NO LATER THAN DECEMBER 31.

The ICD-10 Grassroots Advocacy Initiative is a national campaign, involving all of AHIMA’s 52 CSAs (Component State Associations). Each state’s participation will be tracked, so please use the AHIMA Advocacy Assistant website page: when writing your action letters, so that they will be counted.

For more information, feel free to contact your PHIMA delegates or Beth Chernoff at