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CPHIMA is committed to the quality of health information for the benefit of patients, providers, and other users of clinical data.

Mentoring Program


To provide a resource for students, a new professional or interested others the opportunity to network with a seasoned professional in their area of interest and/or expertise.

Overall Description

The mentoring program is to provide a mechanism for the sharing of information and expertise from a seasoned professional to a student, new professional or someone in a new area of work. It is the mechanism through which individuals can connect to discuss issues, problem-solve and/or gain new knowledge. The mentor serves as a resource to the mentee.

General Guidelines

The CPHIMA Mentoring Coordinator serves to connect individuals of like interest. The individual seeking a mentor should provide their name and contact information and area of interest to the Coordinator. The Coordinator will then provide to that individual the name and contact information of a mentor who would be suitable based on the topic and/or questions submitted.

The mentor and mentee determine the extent of the communication and any face-to-face meetings that may be scheduled. The two individuals can define the parameters of their communication.

It is not the role of the CPHIMA Mentoring Coordinator to define the scope of the communication between the mentor and the individual being mentored.

If you are interested in serving as a mentor or in being mentored, please complete the CPHIMA Mentoring Program Form. Questions regarding the program can be addressed to Nathan McWilliams at nathanmcwilliams@comcast.net.