Take Action During Patient ID Week

Join us throughout Patient ID Week (May 13-17) and let’s raise awareness about the importance of accurate patient identification in healthcare. Patient misidentification is a serious problem that affects patient safety, privacy, and healthcare costs.


On February 16, 2024, Reps. Mike Kelly (R-PA) and Bill Foster (D-IL) introduced H.R.7379, also known as the Patient Matching and Transparency in Certified Health IT (MATCH IT) Act of 2024, into the US House of Representatives. This bipartisan legislation, endorsed by AHIMA and the Patient ID Now coalition, is a top advocacy priority for AHIMA and aims to improve patient matching through increased standards and transparency.

Read the press release and act now.

More info here:
AHIMA website: https://ahima.org/PATIENTID
PATIENT ID NOW website: https://patientidnow.org/about/

What can you do today:

Visit the AHIMA Action Center and participate in our MATCH IT Act campaigns to encourage your members of Congress to support the bill.

You can send a letter to your representatives, or show your support through a post on Twitter/X – the templates are at the AHIMA Action Center and take only a minute of your time!

Contact advocacy@ahima.org to find out how your healthcare organization can endorse this important legislation.